Little Gems online is a small family business that started in 2015, but originated many years before.

The idea that by doing something we love could allow other people to be a part of it and enjoy was what enthused us to create the business.

We each started in the educational system, planning for the children in our care. We all love arts and crafts and this highlighted the desire to design and create further, using various materials and exploring the different ways to use them.

Watching the faces of recipients that had received the children’s one off creations gave us inspiration to push this business forward.

Gifts for all occasions at affordable prices

Why not offer our designs to everyone? We had planned for so long with other people in mind, why not make a business from it?  Why not expand the happiness of others in receiving something truly unique to them? Gifts for all occasions at affordable prices that everyone on any budget could take advantage of?

Being lovers of creating, the idea of the business was put into place.  The process of starting up a business seemed pretty daunting to us being something new to us all and after being in education for a collective of 36 years. But with the knowledge pulled from various avenues, our business plan in order and product designs in motion, the excitement of a new adventure for us all is what drove us to make this happen.

We at Little Gems online strive to make quality, handmade gifts for all occasions with a truly unique personal touch at honest affordable prices to suit any budget.

With the talents between us, our small but yet powerful team is essential to what makes us work and grow, along with you, our customers who we work with to ensure your gift is absolutely perfect so that you yourselves can see the recipient smile.

Bespoke personalised Gifts

All of our gifts are made to order and personalised how you like them from our Personalised family tree frames for all of the family to enjoy to our Fathers day super hero gifts for that hero in your life. Our website will hopefully take care of the customisation for you but if you want something specific then we are more than happy to help. Just contact us and lets have a chat.

As all of our gifts are customised we will need to talk to you before or after your order to ensure it is perfect. We find the best way to do this is through Facebook and if you click the message icon on the right hand side of the screen you can message directly to our Facebook page. Dont have Facebook? dont worry we can talk via email or over the phone.